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Welcome to Wisdom Web Consulting!

Your website, whether for your blog or your business, says something about you. It needs to reflect who you are – your values, ideas, and offerings.

With Wisdom Web Consulting’s 17+ years of experience in creating, shaping, and evolving websites, we can work together to ensure that your site accomplishes your goals, while reflecting your own unique personality. Wisdom Web Consulting is not your standard “crank-em-out” web development firm.

Sure – we do work hard to make our processes as efficient and effective as possible so you get top quality results for a good price. But the part we don’t skimp on is in trying to understand you, your organization, and those who you influence with your web presence. We take that understanding, apply a dose of wisdom from over 17 years working on web projects in a variety of capacities, and create a site that will help you achieve your goals.

To find out more about our principal, Barb Baranski, view her LinkedIn Profile.


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Nonprofit Support

Nonprofits have special needs and lots of pieces and parts that need to work together. A web strategy can pull it all together – your marketing, membership management, events, donations, ecommerce, and more! I can help you think through your challenges, and implement something that makes sense for your organization (and your budget!).

Small Businesses

I enjoy working with small businesses that have a passion for what they do. Sometimes, a big agency isn’t the best fit – that’s when I come in. I can give you agency experience and quality for less overhead. I can work with and manage other consultants to bring the right skills and talents to the project. Or it may be just me – it depends on the project!


The two technologies I work with most are Drupal and WordPress. If you have an existing Drupal site that needs some love, I can help! If you haven’t started a website project yet, we can work together to determine which platform or technology would be best for meeting your goals. My focus is on your needs.