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Web Consulting – with Wisdom!

Your website, whether for your blog, your nonprofit, or your business, says something about you. It needs to reflect who you are – your values, ideas, and offerings.

NonProfit Support

Nonprofits have special needs and lots of pieces and parts that need to work together. A web strategy can pull it all together – your marketing, membership management, events, donations, ecommerce, and more! I can help you think through your challenges, and implement something that makes sense for your organization (and your budget!).

Small Businesses

I enjoy working with small businesses that have a passion for what they do. Sometimes, a big agency isn’t the best fit – that’s when I come in. I can give you agency experience and quality for less overhead. I can work with and manage other consultants to bring the right skills and talents to the project. Or it may be just me – it depends on the project!


Why consider Wisdom Web

I Solve Problems

Do you have a web site that you like – mostly – but it needs a bit of a tune-up and enhancements? Or is your current site just plain broken?  Let me use my engineering skills to troubleshoot and come up with a solution.

I Listen

Before creating, shaping or evolving a web site, it is important to understand you, your organization, and those who you influence with your web presence. We’ll work together to create a web site that will help YOU achieve your goals.

I'm Experienced

I’ve been working on websites in  for almost 20 years. I managed the Web/IT team for a large non-profit. I managed projects large and small for a web development agency. I’ve been doing it all on my own or collaborating with other experts.

More about me and some examples of projects I’ve worked on can be found on LinkedIn. 

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